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The free-piston technology enables the generation of electricity in a completely new way. When the two opposed pistons expand, their linear motion is converted directly into electric energy. This allows the elimination of many components that are required in engines today. 

Through variable compression ratio, the converter adjusts to legacy fossil fuels and sustainable alternatives, like hydrogen, biogas, or synthetic fuels. This conversion process offers a revolutionary 50% energy efficiency at minimal emissions. For users of diesel generators, Beetron offers a drop-in solution that has the efficiency of a fuel cell without the complexities of handling hydrogen in hazardous environments. As sustainable fuel types become readily available, our converters allow a transition to completely carbon-neutral operations.


Efficiency: 50% efficiency leads to reduced fuel consumption, emissions, and total cost of ownership.

Fuel: hydrogen, natural gas, biogas, solar synthesis gas, synfuels, diesel, gasoline, ethanol.

Future proofMulti-fuel capability allows adoption of hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

Dimensions: Significantly smaller and lighter.

Durability: No compromises in operations and durability.

ReliabilityExceed requirements under any operating conditions.

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